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You will hear that statement a lot from the AIR³ team. It’s because we’ve discovered the “secret sauce” and know that long-term transformation not only means working on your body, but also your thoughts, habits, expectations and overall mindset. Coupled with other services, Dr. Jones provides confidential one-on-one transformation sessions where she helps you gain insight, focus and life skills toward reaching your weight loss goals.
Dr. Jones is a caring and experienced AIR³ professional who has lost close to 200 pounds naturally herself and wants others to experience the same type of transformation. She will be fully committed to your success every step of the way!
Take the first step on your health journey and reach out to us! Fill out this simple form and we will get back with you. For your convenience, you can also text Matteel at 864-372-9489!
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I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better

“Working with Dr. Jones has been truly a joy and a blessing. I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better since I began working with Dr. Jones. She is a great listener and has a gift for identifying individual strengths while being honest about areas that need improvements. After our sessions, I feel inspired with a clear understanding of my intrinsic motivation for success along with next steps and sometimes “homework.”  She empowers me to tackle the day-to-day challenges that I face with vigor and confidence. I look forward to our sessions and highly recommend Dr. Jones as a life coach.”

—  Sonya C.

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